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This class was created with the silver generation in mind. The class is a low impact, non contact format. Sessions at this Dokokai are guided by Kohai-dai Andrew Gillespie. 
Andy joined our group in 2015  and has improved himself physically and spiritually through his training in Seireikai Karate. He was a former Rugby Player when he lived in Liverpool England and has completed the 3-man fight (San-nin Kumite). Kohai-dai Andy assists with instruction at local Seireikai Karate clubs and has proven to be a great help within our organization.
  • IMPORTANT - Please see your physician before starting any martial arts program. Ask if it will aggravate an existing medical problem (i.e. heart condition, high blood pressure, past knee injury, etc.).
  • Consider the risk of injury (i.e. seniors may be less flexible, may have thinner bones, etc.).
  • Consider impact on pre-existing medical conditions (i.e. high blood pressure, vision issues, etc.).
  • Benefits of martial arts training include improved balance, flexibility, fitness, etc.
  • Consider teaching less vigorous motions with a relaxed or Tai-Chi like movements.
  • Seniors may have slower reaction times than when they were young. Therefore, seniors need focus on individual improvement and not at sparring.
  • Seniors may be less flexible than when they were young. Therefore, seniors need to stretch, stretch & stretch some more. Again, seniors need focus on individual improvement
For more info, contact us via email: [email protected] or via phone: (614) 975-7013