PADRON DOJO; Is the Honbu (HQ) of the World Seireikaikan Karate Organization. Situated on the North side of town in Columbus, Ohio on Silver drive along side of I-71 South. On the training mat of Padron Dojo, you will learn full-contact techniques for defense and competition. The school follows the Kyoku-Shin philosophy of Self Improvement, Discipline, Respect, and Hard Training.

We welcome you all to come train with us, no matter what style you currently practice. Come experience the difference.



Kaicho Leo Padron; Co-Founder & Director of World Seireikaikan Karatedo Organization.

I have been training in Budo Karate for more than 40 years. I joined A kyokushin karate dojo in 1974 in Brooklyn NY, receiving my training from the late Shihan Oliver, Kancho Tadashi Nakamura, and the late great Soshu Shigeru Oyama. When I moved to Ohio, I began training with renowned Shotokan Master R. Burgess. I am also trained in the arts of Judo, Hung Gar, Praying Mantis, Chen Tai Chi, Iaido, Kali, and Kudo (Japanese style mma). I am an experienced Kick-boxer and former full-contact karate and point style champion. At the age of 40, I accepted the challenge and successfully completed the the Sanju-nin Kumite (30-Man Fight), 30 consecutive Black Belt opponents in continuous full-contact matches. I have shown the power of my karate through my demonstrations of sparring and breaking stacks of cement blocks, bricks, and rocks. In 2017 I announced my official resignation from the IKO and founded a new style called Seireikai Karate. in addition, myself and the core students of our dojo went on and co-founded World Seireikai-kan Karatedo Organization, an independent karate group. Prior to my departure from the major Kyokushin Organizations, I was responsible for introducing Kyokushin Karate & Kudo-Japanese mma to Ohio. After 43 years of martial arts training and 22 years of teaching, the WSKO Executive Black Belt Committee promoted me to the rank of 7th Dan. In addition to serving as the Director of WSKO, I promise to continue my training and studies of the BUDO KARATE WAY, and will strive to make WSKO a great organization.


Shihan Padron conducts seminars on full contact fighting for self defense and competition. If you are interested in training in this exciting martial art or are interested in becoming a part of the WSKO, contact us for more info. 

[email protected]

Sensei Armondo Washington-3rd Dan/ Co-founder; I have been training with Shihan Padron for more than 20 years and I am the longest lasting student of Shihan Padron. At age 14, I was the youngest to be promoted to the rank of Shodan. During my high school years I assisted with coaching for my HS wrestling team. I am one of the main instructors of the WSKO and the sparring/conditioning coach for Seireikai's Shinka-Bogu Sport. I am the Head Instructor of 2 Shinak Clubs for youth and teens, here in the Greater Columbus areas of Milo Grogan and Italian Village.

Honorable Mentions from Shihan: Sensei Armondo's confidence and skills are always proven once he steps in to the dojo, never backing down from any challenge and ready to test his skills. Sensei Armondo's fighting prowess has won him many awards in open tournaments. When he is teaching a class, he reminds one of a Marine Drill Sargent.

Sensei Gene Peters - 3rd Dan/ Co-founder; I have been a student of Shihan Padron since 1999.

As a Senior Ranking Student of Padron Juku-Seireikai Karate, I have been instructing classes along side Shihan Padron for many years as well as conducting my own classes at Westgate Dojo-Seirei Karate. I am the lead instructor for the Lion Cub Warrior-Kids Karate Team and oversees the programming for the little warriors. When not working, he is spending time with his family.

Honorable Mentions from Shihan: Sensei Gene has been an asset and a dedicated member of our organization for many years. He is considered by most as one of the nicest karate-ka in Ohio. A very humble man and a great instructor and friend. The most approachable man that I know.


Contact Gene-Sensei via email: [email protected]

Sifu Alvin Sapp; Is a martial artist from New Jersey. He has been studying the martial arts since 1969. He holds a 3rd degree black belt in Shotokan Karate and a 4th kyu in Seireikai/Kyokushin Karate.

He has practiced Tiger Kuen and Wing Chun. With his training experience, Sifu Alvin has created a fighting concept that incorporates his Wing Chun, Tiger kung fu, Seireikai/Kyokushin and Shotokan, all based within his Wing Chun, calling it WING CHUN TAO (ways of wing chun). Sifu Alvin has demonstrated his technique and has proven that his style is effective and practical. Sifu Alvin has instructed classes at Padron Dojo as well as teaching private students at his home. Sifu Al will be conducting his Wing Chun Tao classes at Padron Dojo. Lessons are conducted on Sundays at 2:30 pm

Stop by and meet Sifu Al. He will enjoy meeting you and sharing his martial art with you.

Call for an appt. (614) 208-5452